Board and Train

Dog Training in Orlando, FL


Orlando Dog Training Board and Train service consists of on-lead Basic Obedience. The following commands are taught verbally as well as with hand signal during training:

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Down / Stay
  • Come

Orlando Dog Training sessions are conducted with distraction, without distraction and include socialization. You may create a short list of specific problem areas you are having that will be worked on during training sessions. Pricing is not affected by this. The method of training used is positive reinforcement. When your K9 Companion’s training is complete, Bob will call you and set up an appointment for pick-up. Bob will work your K9 companion for you, show you how to work them and then have you work them. You are also sent home with a lesson plan to follow.


The time length for the Board and Train service is normally two weeks. Some K9 Companion’s may require a few extra days but normally do not go beyond three weeks. You may call at any time to check on your K9 Companion’s progress.  Pricing is not affected by time length.

Orlando Dog Training Puppy Obedience

Orlando Dog Training Obedience With Distraction