Training Methods

We here at Bob Gailey's Orlando Dog Training-K9 Counselor would like to blog about training methods and if there is really such a thing as "outdated" training methods. We have heard the term "outdated methods" used many times in many different situations. But, is it really a correct statement?

There are many different types of training methods. There are some a little older such as compulsion training. There are some a little bit newer, but that have been around awhile, such as reward response and positive reinforcement training. And there are some that are very new like shadow training. The methods listed here are far from the only methods and each and every method that there is has its own theory behind why it works.

Yes, there may be a concept in part of a theory that is outdated. However, any dog training method that there is, that is done in a humane and positive way, which works does just that. It works! How you choose your method should be based upon what works best with your K9 Companion and the type of issue, if any, that they are having. We would also like to add that just because you may have to start off with one type doesn't mean you can't possibly move on to another type.

So, is there really such a thing as "outdated training methods"? We here at Orlando Dog Training don't thinks so, as long as the method you choose is done humanly and leaves a positive imprint. We hope this blog helps to explain why.

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