Maintenance Training

We would like to discuss the importance of maintenance training in this blog. As with most Professional Trainers, we here at Orlando Dog Training feel it is most important to maintain the training your dog has been given. Whether you have trained your own dog or have had it professionally trained, maintenance training is a must.

Have you ever noticed a person, dog group, or K9 Law Enforcement Agency training weekly? Even after dogs have been trained, received a title, or graduated from a K9 class, they are still training weekly with their owners or handlers. This is maintenance training.

One of the reasons this is being done is consistency. You are using the same commands, the same tones and the same mannerisms while the dog is working with you as a team generating the same response you trained them to give.

Another reason for maintenance training is reinforcement. You want to continuously reinforce your commands. This goes for verbal as well as hand signaled commands. You do not want your dog to down if you command them to sit.

The third and final reason we would like to talk about on the importance of maintenance training is your dog's skill set. Through the training you have given your dog he or she has developed a range of things that they are good at. You want to keep this fresh in their mind so that they do not lose any of it.

In a nut shell, all of these things: consistency, reinforcement and skill set are all maintained through repetition. You are producing the same behaviors while your dog is producing the same results over and over again. This goes along with Master Trainer Bob Gailey's saying, "Repetition by association forms a pattern, becomes a habit, and produces the behavior".

We hope this blog helps you to understand the reason many Professional Trainers or us here at Orlando Dog Training-K9 Counselor recommend maintenance training and the importance of it.

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