Crate Training

There are many opinions when it comes to crate training. Professional Trainers, breeders, owners and non-owners can all have numerous outlooks as to why they are for or against crate training. We here at Orlando Dog Training are in favor of crate training. The purpose of this blog is to explain why. We will touch on the most important reasons.

Let's start off with a question. Without being able to have your eyes on an infant or toddler, would you have them in some kind of protective device such as a playpen or crib? You, of course, would take protective measures to keep the child from potentially harming themselves. You would also use these protective measures for a child that becomes curious about things that could harm them such as an outlet or stove. A dog, just like a child, does not have the ability to understand that some things can be dangerous. This same logic is one of the reasons we are in favor of crate training, protection.

Now we will move on to a few other reasons. We've talked about protecting the dog, but what about protecting others from the dog? Whether you have an aggressive dog, a party with not much room, or company with small children or elderly people with balance issues the crate will be effective with protecting others from the dog. No matter if the behavior from the dog is intentional or not, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Let's move on to house breaking. Stepping in something 5 minutes after you took the dog out and they didn't go? Are your floors or furniture getting stained from the dog using the restroom in the house? The crate will be effective for this too.  Another reason we are in favor of crate training, problem solving.

The last reason we would like to touch upon as to why we are in favor of crate training is events that are out of your control.  What if you find yourself in an evacuation zone, there is damage to your home and it is not inhabitable, or you make the choice to leave your home for safety reasons?  You may end up in a shelter or someone else's home where the dog has to be crated. Sure, there will already be some stress on the dog but can you imagine how much that stress will be increased on the dog who has never been crate trained? What about the added stress that it will cause to you or your family as well?  Yet another reason we are in favor of crate training, emergency situations.

In closing, we would like to again express that these are the most important reasons we are in favor of crate training, not the only reasons. We hope that this blog has helped you to see some of the positive sides about crate training and what an effective tool the crate can actually be.

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