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We here at Orlando Dog Training have received a large number of phone calls regarding the use of e collars. Since the use of e collars seems to be on the rise, we thought this an important note to add. There is nothing wrong with e collar training if this is the method you so choose for your K9 Companion. However, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to train using this method. You should always call a professional before you begin training on your own, especially if you are in any way unsure about the proper use of the e collar. Also remember, it is always okay to seek the opinion of another professional trainer if you have concerns about the methods used by your current trainer.

As always, your dog should be excited and happy about training, wanting to please you. Your dog should not be anxious and fearful of training, only responding to commands out of fear.

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Training collars, particularly the prong collars, are effective tools when used correctly.  In the same sense of rewarding your canine companion to show approval of the accepted behavior, you need a tool to show the disapproval of the unacceptable behavior. Yes, there are many types of training collars: e-collars, choke chains, throw chains, prong collars, and a few others. I have found in my 50 years of professional dog training, that the prong collar has been the most effective tool.

I have observed that when you use this collar, with rounded edges, fit it correctly, and use it in a humane and positive way, it has been well received by thousands of K9's I have worked with and trained. There are a few reasons I believe I have seen these positive results. The prong collar applies pressure evenly. Weather you use the dead ring or the live ring, pressure is distributed correctly. Also, this collar most closely replicates the way a mother corrects her pups. This is of course more natural for your canine companion. In my expert opinion, these reasons when mixed with my training technique, is why I believe the prong collar has been most effective tool as well the most widely accepted.

The training collar name speaks for itself. It is put on for TRAINING and taken off when the training is complete. Your K9 should be excited and show a positive response to the sight of the prong collar, looking forward to going out to work with you.


Many people do not realize when they start training with their K9 companion, what is actually occurring is the laying of a foundation. During the beginning phase, or pouring of the foundation, the K9 is learning accepted behaviors and unaccepted behaviors. The human is learning the correct way to implement the praise and correction. Also, during this phase, a bond starts to build and increases the K9’s drive to please you.

The second phase, or setting of the foundation, begins after there is clear communication and understanding between the K9 and human. During this time, the actual command training can begin. This is a great time to start Basic Obedience and work on the commands such as: heel, sit, stay, down, and come. You are now building an even stronger bond with your K9 companion!

Your foundation is set. Now you can decide how high you want to build upon it. You can perfect and maintain Basic Obedience, move on to Advanced Obedience, look in to AKC K9 Good Citizenship Awards, have your K9 companion evaluated for Family Protection Training, Sport Training, Scent work, or Therapy work. No matter what you choose, you know it has been done the proper way for both you and your K9 companion!